Marco Rocco was born in Grottaglie, in the south of Italy. Grottaglie city is known for the ancient tradition of ceramic objects made by hand. Marco Rocco is a part of this history as he is the fifth creative generation of his family.

The Marco Rocco´s family factory, founded for over two centuries, by his great great grandfather, still active today, distributing for most Grottaglie´ceramic factories/shop.

Among his adventures, the creativity blossomed when he started to create his own toys, ranging from fanciful objects to ingenious traps for lizards that lived around the big factory. Over the years, Marco always demonstrates more and more curiosity with the objects around him. “What is that?” “How does it works?” Disassembling, assembling and reinventing everything he saw.

During his studies at the elementary and middle school, Marco had clearly a big interest in the world of design and that´s why he opted for a technical course aimed for this especific area, instead of the conventional High School course. At this stage, at the age of 15, Marco has started earnest developing his projects and the discovery of his actual skills through direct experiences in projects and prototypes. Many of the projects, extracurricular with accompanying teacher and designer Angelo Galiandro.

Some years later, graduated in Design from the University of Florence in Italy, he developed projects at the international level, along the famous Italian studios. In 2011 he founded, his own design studio based in Italy, excelled in creating exceptional products like the famous Origami kitchen, projects like PuzzleCook, and interiors of large pubs and restaurants as Conviviun Restaurant in Italy.

Today, widening the work for the European capitals, Marco Rocco goes also to South America in style, solidifying its branch in São Paulo in Brazil , begins the diffusion of their fantastic collections.

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